our staff

Hampden School Staff for 2023

Matt Hannagan                Teaching Principal

Ange Drew                                                       Teacher 

Fleur Speirs                                                      Teacher

Siobhan Murphy                                             Teacher

Jacinta Thomas                                      Teacher Aide 

Donna Millar                                          Teacher Aide 


Jenn Collins                               Office Administrator 

Craig Stapleton                                 Grounds Person

Nadine Robb                                                   Cleaners

School Organisation and Staffing for 2021


Kauri Room

Matt Hannagan (Principal) M,Tu,F Year 6 – Year 8

Ange Drew (Principal Release) W, Th

Miro Room

Fleur Speirs                             Year 3 -  Year 6

Rata Room

Siobhan Murphy                                         Year 1 - Year 3


Office Administrator

Our office administrator is Jenn Collins. She is in the office part-time.

As the office is ‘unmanned’ during her absence please make any visits to the school for photocopying or other services when she is in the office.


Office Hours

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri:                             8:45am – 12:45pm      main office