Our Vision is to produce the BEST students from the BEST community who attend the BEST school in North Otago.

our principal

Welcome from the Principal

A special welcome to all the families who have moved into the community and to those who are starting their first child at Hampden School.

Welcome back to the families who are already part of our school. Thank you for your support in so many ways during 2018. All staff appreciated their help with class trips and activities, sports teams and fundraising endeavours. Our shared knowledge and energy make Hampden School a great place to work and learn.

My thanks to the Board of Trustees for their continued support in the governance of Hampden School. Also thank you to the PTA group for their efforts in raising additional funds. Through your activities, extra resources benefit the children of Hampden School in so many ways.

Educating children is a partnership and the staff look forward to continuing and developing further ways we can support the children’s learning skills and knowledge to ensure the students in our care are acceptable, well-informed and reasoning members of our community and society.

Matt Bokser