Our Vision is to produce the BEST students from the BEST community who attend the BEST school in North Otago.


In 2018 the school will have 2 full time teachers.

The BOT also employs a Cleaner, Grounds Maintenance person, two Teacher Aides, a Principal Release Teacher and a School Secretary.

The distance required to travel when participating in sporting and cultural activities means that parental involvement is essential or on occasions, the PTA has hired a bus to provide transport to events.

Children have many opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities, mainly based in Oamaru. They are reliant on parents’ ability to provide transport to these events.


  • Foundation skills in literacy and numeracy are our highest priority
  • We are all lifelong learners
  • Classroom and assessment activities will encourage learning through experience
  • Effective feedback will be given to students that establishes the next learning steps
  • Effective interactions between the teacher and the students will create an environment that respects, encourages and stimulates learning through experience
  • Students are empowered to learn and achieve to the best of their ability and to strive for personal excellence by always doing their best
  • Teachers must model the high expectations, behavior’s and values we expect from our students
  • Teachers must be organised, confident, flexible and a team member.